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Manaaki: Concept Note Assessments


New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Skills Applied: 

Critical analysis; Humanitarian and development sector expertise (Pacific Islands, Asia, etc.); Gender Equality and Social Inclusion; Civil Society-led development

Project Description:

Manaaki is a contestable funding mechanism established by MFAT which funds activities aligned to New Zealand Aid programme priorities. Manaaki Activities are delivered through established relationships between NZ NGOs and local CSOs to
address local problems, respond to local priorities as articulated by communities and their legitimate
representatives and that deliver on national priorities.

Further Information:

MFAT has been engaging us annually (for Rounds 1- 4) as external assessors tasked with appraising concept notes submitted by the applicants, based on Manaaki guidelines and assessment criteria.


Based on the concept appraisal results, portfolio recommendations are submitted to MFAT for each funding round, to inform their internal assessments and decision-making on which concepts should progress to the project design phase (and eventually be funded).

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